Operational mineralogy for process monitoring

Our Services – iMin(workbench) Suite

The application of big data technology to process improvements at the mine site


The iMin(Mineral) package provides an accessible platform for mining and minerals processing operations to establish capability for routine mineralogical analysis on-site … read more


Tailored cloud based metallurgical accounting software that provides basis for mineralogical accounting … read more


Tools to utilise mineralogical data sets, along with other available datasets in the operation to build predictive algorithms for forecasting and reconciliation of plant performance … read more

Why iMin Solutions?

Empowering Staff

Mine staff are trained to run the system and implement a continuous improvement program – a sustainable model with upskilling benefits too.

Mineralogical Trends

Building mineralogical trends over time provides a concrete view of process health and the tools to rapidly identify processing issues.

Fast Mineralogy

Bringing analysis to site reduces turnaround time to 48 hours, making results relevant for day-to-day decision making.

Rapid & Sustainable Value

Mineralogical monitoring can rapidly identify solutions to existing problems and improve ongoing productivity, translating to significant value generation.

Whole circuit support

Whole of circuit decision support and optimisation – not just focused on single unit operations.

Continuous Improvement

Allows sites to run the operational mineralogy program as an operating cost, closely integrated with their day-to-day continuous improvement and optimisation programs.