The Company. Our core Values. Our Beliefs.


iMin Solutions’ management team have over 50 years of experience working with companies and clients across the world. Their differing backgrounds complement and enhance their determination to bring innovative solutions to the mineral industry.


Our programs and services focus on accessible mineralogy solutions through the innovative use of advanced technologies to enable generation, communication and analysis of data in minerals processing operations.

Adding Value

Ultimately, our efforts and the suite of products offered under our iMin(workbench) model is focused on identifying continuous improvement opportunities that can lead to increased revenues across your sites.

iMin Solutions was founded in 2015 by Dr Will Goodall (MinAssist) and James Strongman (Petrolab), with a technology partnership with Zeiss Microscopy. The driving influence of iMin Solutions is to provide accessible mineralogy solutions for operations, with a focus on data integration and remote support to generate more value from an improved understanding of mineralogy drivers.

Dr Will Goodall

Dr. Will Goodall

The minerals industry needs innovative people and I am passionate about promoting and facilitating innovation that can help us achieve more productivity more effectively. I believe strongly in supporting and undertaking research and development for the minerals industry but with a strong focus on implementation, allowing value to be generated earlier in the development cycle.

James Strongman

As well as a founder of iMin Solutions, I am Director and the principal mineralogist at Petrolab Ltd. During my +13 years with the company I have gained a wide specturm of experience in the analysis of materials ranging from concrete and man-made stone replacements to precious and rare earth metals found in electronic scrap. My specialist field is, however, metalliferous ores, and I’ve a broad knowledge for the importance and application of mineralogy to mineral processing problems.

John Fletcher

I have over 20 years of experience in project management, operations and finance. I’m also  Director of one of iMin Solutions’ partners – Petrolab Ltd – responsible for quality control on petrographic and mineralogical investigation projects. I am responsible, together with James & Will, for for ensuring the successful, productive and consistent rollout of new projects to our expanding client base.