Tools to utilise mineralogical data sets, along with other available datasets in the operation to
build predictive algorithms for forecasting and reconciliation of plant performance.

iMin Solutions was founded in 2015 by Dr Will Goodall (MinAssist) and James Strongman (Petrolab), with a technology partnership with Zeiss Microscopy. The driving influence of iMin Solutions is to provide accessible mineralogy solutions for operations, with a focus on data integration and remote support to generate more value from an improved understanding of mineralogy drivers.

iMin Solutions provides tools to mineral processing operations to improve profitability through better use of processing data. In doing this iMin Solutions facilitate on site personnel to make use of data through accessible expert support. This is achieved with the use of advanced technologies to enable generation, communication and analysis of data in minerals processing operations.

Using Data Sets

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Forecasting & Reconciliation

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Enhanced Plant Performance

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Predictive Algorithms

The data from the lab is incorporated into daily operations and used to improve processes, identify quick wins and opens opportunities for advanced data analytics and asset management.

Predictive algorithms