iMin Solutions Operational Mineralogy Package

The iMin(mineral) package provides an accessible platform for mining and minerals processing operations to establish capability for routine mineralogical analysis on-site.

It utilises a model of upskilling site metallurgists in day-to-day operation of the mineralogy program and undertaking basic template reporting, while remote subject matter experts routinely review data generated and undertake more advanced analysis and reporting functions.

The package is offered using the Zeiss MinSCAN ruggedized SEM based automated mineralogy system.

The iMin(mineral) package is provided as an all-in equipment, service and data analysis program offered as a monthly fee to the operation. This allows sites to run the operational mineralogy program as an operating cost, closely integrated with their day-to-day continuous improvement and optimisation programs.

An iMin(Mineral) package provides opportunity for operations to build operational mineralogy capability on-site, immediate benefits include:

  • Whole of operation performance trending
  • Link to mine plan for fully predictive forecasting
  • Robust reconciliation with mine plan

Key Components

  • On-site mineralogy setup and service
  • Remote expert support
  • Continuous improvement and decision support for process optimisation
  • Training programs

Differentiating factors

iMin(mineral) has been focused on providing a solution that upskills site personnel and provides adequate remote expert support to drive genuine value from the mineralogical information generated.

  • Structured to allow site metallurgists to run program – no need for site based mineralogist
  • Focus on upskilling
  • Remote support for advanced mineralogical analysis and interpretation
  • Whole of circuit decision support and optimisation – not just focused on single unit operations
  • Focus on data integration


  • Whole of circuit continuous improvement and optimisation
  • Daily decision support
  • Integration of equipment databases
  • Forward feed analysis and grade control
  • Geometallurgy

Business Model

The iMin(mineral) package is offered on a lease basis over 3 years. The inclusions would be:

  • Zeiss MinSCAN ruggedized automated mineralogy system
  • Zeiss service agreement
  • Sample preparation equipment and setup
  • Routine QA/QC and auditing of program
  • Remote support for data analysis, reporting and integration

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Partnering with ZEISS

With ZEISS MinSCAN, you build up a comprehensive understanding of the daily performance of your plant. Use the data from ZEISS MinSCAN to increase profits through greater concentrate quality and reduced losses to tailings. Rapidly troubleshoot recovery issues, optimize plant performance and compliment assays by giving metallurgists, mine managers and superintendents the confidence to make effective decisions based on quantitative data.

More information on ZEISS MinScan click here (pdf download)